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Thomas Blake Hair Studio 

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I absolutely love my extensions! Finally, at 52 years of age, my hair is exactly what I've always wanted it to be! It's fuller and longer and so easy to care for. It took me awhile to convince myself to spend the money, but it's definitely worth it!!


I love my new extensions from Beth after I decided to go back to short hair. I have baby fine hair that is hard to style and it usually falls flat quickly. The shorter extensions I have now have made a remarkable difference in my hair! My hair looks full and it's super easy to maintain a style. For the first time in my life, I like short hair on me! Another great thing about these extensions is they are very lightweight and comfortable even when sleeping on them. I love, love, love them!  


Beth Degler of

Thomas-Blake Hair Studio

Having hair extensions has changed my life! Seems like an exaggerated statement, but it’s true. For the first time ever, I have the thick, luscious hair that I’ve always dreamed of. Bonus is that it’s longer. My hair has always been baby fine and I never thought that it could be possible to get the hair that I’ve always envied on other girls! Beth has taught me how to care for them so I get the maximum use out of them as well. I am very thankful that she turned me into them. I’m not sure that I can ever go back to my “normal” hair now that I know what my hair can be like!! Beth is the best!!


Beth is an amazing hairdresser and someone I consider a dear friend. I get at least 2-3 compliments on my hair everyday. “I love the color.” “It’s so shiny.” “It’s so long and healthy.” And when they find out it’s not my real hair color and I have extensions they just can’t believe it. They just say, “it just looks so natural.” Even hairdressers have to get super close and actually touch my hair to see I have extensions. That’s just how amazing Beth is at hiding them. She is always working on her craft bringing back to Lexington the most current trade technics. A master stylist of her caliber is only found in big cities like New York or LA, so having her is liking owning the crown jewel.