Beth Degler of

Thomas Blake Hair Studio 

Grief and loss can be a major trigger for anxiety. You can 

think everything is fine and then it can sneak up out of 

nowhere. I have been taught that anxiety lies and can 

make you believe untruths. 

I can tell you that I experienced this firsthand when we 

lost my mother-in-love to Covid pneumonia last month.

Seeing her in the casket made me so sad, yet so full of 

peace knowing that she is with Jesus and with her dear

husband that she missed so much. How great her first

moment in Heaven must have been! Anxiety wants us 

to believe lies. What also kept popping in my mind is 

how sad this would have been if it had been me in that 

casket and my family would not be at peace. I'm so 

thankful that I'm healed, and those thoughts are no

longer true or valid. During my time of peace, knowing my mother-in-love was in Heaven, Then I started thinking about how much heartache and pain I caused my family while I was ill. Instead of letting this spiral out of control, I called my counselor. He helped

me process this and showed me how easy that ANTS can arise (automatic negative thoughts). I immediately felt better, and the anxious, irrational thinking went away, praise God. 

If you don't have a counselor and are experiencing anxiety, click

here and I can send you a list of recommended counselors. I have 

found that even when I think all is well, it is nice to always have an 

appointment booked out ahead in the event that something arises

and I need help processing this. 

Please know I love to pray and would be honored to pray for you.

If you need prayer regarding anxiety, please click here.