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Welcome to the March edition of my blog of The Hairapist is In! I hope this St Patrick's Day brings you some luck this month and you win my giveaway. Want to know how to enter?? I thought you'd never ask! All you have to do is email me and tell me your favorite part of this month's blog. It's that simple! Speaking of giveaway, the February giveaway winner is Ashley Morris. She will be enjoying a new Amika dry shampoo spray. On those days she doesn't have time to shampoo her hair, now she has options to make it look like she did. Congrats, Ashley!

February was a sad time for us in the Degler household. My mother-in-love went to be with the Lord on February 6. I miss her so much and keep forgetting I can't call her anymore when I catch myself wanting to talk to her. It was a beautiful celebration of life for her, filled with tears and laughter. We are at peace knowing she is with the Lord and her hubby that she missed so bad.

On a happier note, I am on a mother/daughter cruise on and we set sail March 1, which is why I'm a few days late getting this out.  We are having so much fun!  As I type this, I'm looking at breathtaking turquoise water on a beautiful sunny day in Cozumel, Mexico.  Please pray that we will have safe travel and a bunch of fun memories. My mom will be 80 this year and I can't think of a better way to celebrate!

Grief and loss can really trigger anxiety. I will be talking about this on my anxiety page this month. If you are new to my blog, you can click on the buttons to the right (if you are reading this on a laptop or computer), scroll to the bottom if reading on your phone.

Trauma can also bring on anxiety. I will be talking about this on my devotional page. Yesterday, was a little bit hard at sea for Mom and I. She had a little too much fun on the first day, resulting in feeling bad yesterday. All is well right now, but yesterday certainly was a challenge and an opportunity to use the tools in my toolbox. That is why therapy is so important when you are going through or have a tendency towards being anxious. Even if you've made it through anxiety, therapy is a good way to be pro-active in being able to deal with situations that could potentially cause anxiety.

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Love and prayers,

Beth Degler